Industrial Hygiene Services


Industrial Hygiene & Safety

We survey your work environment, review the data with our experienced team of Certified Industrial Hygienists and Certified Safety Professionals, determine and document any exposure, and create pragmatic, personalized programs to reduce or eliminate existing and potential health and safety hazards. LEARN MORE

Indoor Air Quality & Mold/Fungi

HSA is well experienced in performing many types of investigations, including indoor air quality (IAQ) projects. Our background in IAQ includes innumerable projects, including small one day office investigations and multiple day evaluations of entire multi-story office buildings. These large projects have been completed for the City/County of San Francisco, the Cal-Trans Spring Street Building, and the recently completed IAQ project of the Los Angeles County Child Care offices in the former U.S. Borax Building. LEARN MORE



Asbestos & Lead-Based Paint

Our experience with asbestos and lead-based paint investigations and abatement projects includes, but is not limited to, small one day projects to large scale long term major renovations. We have experience in projects that include confined spaces, high voltage electricity, high heat and wind conditions, multi-story abatement of industrial complexes, sprinkler retro-fit projects in occupied and unoccupied areas, and at multi-employer project sites. LEARN MORE

Litigation Support & Expert Witness

Many courtroom decisions are determined by evidence provided by expert witnesses. For over four decades, Health Science Associates has been providing objective consulting to the legal profession in occupational health & safety and environmental matters. We’ll help you succeed by providing a clear, succinct and accurate assessment of your case based upon factual, comprehensive, and reliable data that has consistently supported sound professional judgments. With HSA, you will find the experience and expertise needed to help you prevail. LEARN MORE