Industrial Hygiene & Safety Services Around Orange County, CA

We survey your work environment, review the data with our experienced team of Certified Industrial Hygienists and Certified Safety Professionals, determine and document any exposure, and create pragmatic, personalized programs to reduce or eliminate existing and potential health and safety hazards.

In today’s workplace, employers are faced with the responsibility of providing workers a healthy and safe environment. Companies that fail to provide compliant industrial hygiene and safety programs and practices find themselves at risk of huge governmental fines, increased workers’ compensation premiums, and costly employee lawsuits.

Respected, trusted, and recommended by enforcement agencies as a leader with a proven track record of industrial hygiene solutions, Health Science Associates will help ensure that your employees can be safe from chemical, physical, biological, and radiological hazards.

  • Safety and Health Management planning; program audits; safety and health program administration.
  • Chemical and Biological Exposure Assessments
  • South Coast AQMD Rule 1466 – Dust Monitoring and Compliance
  • OSHA Regulatory Compliance
  • Physical Energy, Noise, and Radiological Assessments
  • Indoor Air Quality (including microbiological evaluations
  • HVAC Inspections & Evaluations
  • Safety Data Sheet preparation and evaluation and Chemical Products Inventory (Database)
  • IH / Environmental Public Relations
  • Covid-19 Support
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness »

Count on Health Science Associates to work responsively and diligently to assure that your workplace meets and exceeds all compliance or regulatory standards. We focus on companies located in and around Orange County, CA.

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